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1x Clear Aeropress + coffee scoop + paper filters
1x 454g or 340g Whole Bean Coffee of your choice

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Our Journal

The Do's and Don'ts of Freezing Coffee, WTF…?

"Can I freeze my coffee?" It's a question we get asked all the time. Whether you order in bulk or are going away for vacation, we...

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coffee education

FAQs: The Espresso Edition

These are the most common questions we get about espresso making at home. And for the record: there's no "X" in espresso.    Q: Can...

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coffee education

What’s the right grind for this brewer? Wtf?

Trying to describe to people how to grind coffee for various brew methods can be a challenge.  Our goal is to demystify grind levels. Mastering...

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A Barista's View: Serving Coffee at 2024 TED in Vancouver

I recently went to represent Fernwood Coffee Company at TED (serving coffee to attendees, not speaking). The theme this year for the event was was...

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coffee education

Highlights from the 2024 Canadian Barista Championships in Montreal

In mid March, I had the incredible opportunity to participate as a sensory judge at the Canadian Barista Championships in Montreal. Being selected to judge...

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The very best of 2023.

The time has come. We're in the holi-days between Christmas and New Year's where it feels like we should all still be on vacation but...

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