Fernwood Instant Coffee

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The perfect marriage of convenience and quality. 

Our friends at Hasty Coffee carefully brew and process our instant coffee in small batches. The process leaves you with pure crystallized coffee solids. For our first offering we chose to use a Brazilian coffee from our friend Caio Pereira and the end result far exceeded our expectations. (In our blind taste tests people had no idea they were drinking instant coffee.)

Now you can enjoy Fernwood Coffee anywhere that you can access hot water. Perfect for camping, boating, travelling... really anywhere where convenience is required. Simply pour and stir. One pouch makes one large cup of coffee.

Available in single boxes of 4 serves, six boxes/24 serves or bulk boxes of 48 serves.


  • Preheat your brewing vessel
  • Weigh your ingredients
  • Make sure your brewing vessel is clean
  • Use water that is almost but not quite boiling
  • Make sure to wet all the grounds evenly
  • Rinse any paper filters with hot water before use
  • Be sure to grind the coffee to the correct coarseness for the brewer you are using
  • Fresh coffee will "bloom" which is CO2 being released as hot water hits the coffee
  • To adjust strength change the grind, not the ratio of coffee to water. For stronger tasting coffee grind finer for less intense flavor coarsen your grind.


(Hario V-60 or similar)
  1. Wet filter with boiling water
  2. Put in 20 grams of medium ground coffee
  3. Pour in 100 grams of water & allow coffee to bloom
  4. Pour in remaining 240 grams of water little by little & use the stream of the water to push any grounds off the sides of the filter
  5. When all water is in stir once in a circular motion
  6. Let drip till done

8 cup french press

  1. Put in 55 grams of coarse ground coffee
  2. Pour in 935 grams of water just off the boil
  3. Stir
  4. Fit top on to retain heat and wait 4 minutes
  5. Plunge
  6. Decant to another vessel


  1. Wet filter with boiling water
  2. Put in 40 grams of medium ground coffee
  3. Pour in 200 grams of water & allow coffee to bloom
  4. Pour in remaining 480 grams of water little by little & use the stream of the water to push any grounds off the sides of the filter
  5. When all water is in stir once in a circular motion
  6. Let drip till done


  1. Place the top portion of the brewer upside down on table
  2. Fit the bottom section over the rubber basket (At this point the numbers should be upside down on both parts of the brewer.)
  3. Put in 15 grams of medium ground coffee
  4. Pour in hot water to top (around 250 grams)
  5. Stir and make sure there are no dry grounds hiding at the bottom
  6. Let sit for 45 seconds
  7. Affix the filter cap with a wetted paper filter into the fitting (this should be at the top at this point) and depress a tiny bit so the slurry is close to the filter.
  8. Carefully invert the entire brewer onto your heated mug and press to the bottom.

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A Fernwood Coffee Customer
Alice F.
Canada Canada

The only instant coffee

This instant coffee is the only instant coffee my partner and I drink on back country adventures.


Fernwood Coffee


Marilyn A.
Canada Canada

online order

My son in Vancouver, enjoys the coffee at the office. He cannot believe the taste and flavour. It is "our" special way of having a coffee break together.


Fernwood Coffee


Canada Canada

Great coffee but...

Totally priced themselves out of the market, could sell much more at a fair price


Fernwood Coffee

Thanks for writing. Our prices reflect the cost of our raw product and the off site processing. In order to produce high quality instant coffee we have to purchase high quality beans from ethical importers. The coffee used in the large Nescafe style instant products is the cheapest grade possible. You can find less expensive coffees but before purchasing make sure you verify the ethics of the supplier. Usually if prices are low it is based on unfair labour practices in the farming of the raw product. Coffee farmers have long suffered below subsistence wages and the mentality of coffee being “cheap” often lends to this unhealthy economy. If you do a quick search of comparable quality coffee roasters that offer an instant product you’ll find that we’re actually quite reasonably priced. Beyond that we are working with a small family run business that actually processes our coffee into crystal form. The process is extremely labour intensive and they go out of their way to produce an instant that is in a league of its own as far as taste quality.

Pavlina S.
Canada Canada

Good- but expensive

Definitely a quality, smooth instant. Pricey though!

Jeffrey W.
Canada Canada

Best instant coffee ever tried

Have tried a bunch of instant coffees in the past and this one is by far the best. Most instant coffees taste very burnt or “coffee-ish” but this one nails it. Great for camping trips when you don’t want to pack out your wet grinds frommthe aeropress or are just in more of a rush so you can get an early start.


Fernwood Coffee

Thanks for the feedback Jeffery!

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