At home, anywhere.

Wherever the path may lead.

Founded in 2007, on Vancouver Island, Fernwood is a result of many journeys off the beaten path, carefully roasted by obsessive coffee professionals. Journeys that bring you coffee from the far corners of the world, high elevations and independent farms. A true testament to the ways of the Pacific Northwest adventure seekers.

Good gear makes all the difference when you’re out in the wild. Good jacket. Good wheels. Good coffee. They make you feel comfortable wherever you are, taking you further down the path, wherever it may lead.

So wherever you travel: a mountain, the coast or a city, our coffee adds a drop of luxury & comfort to your adventure.


These stamps are displayed on many of our bags. They help to symbolize our commitment to doing the right thing, whether it is for the environment, the betterment of green coffee producers or your health and well being. We will always strive to do what we do with ethics and integrity.


Let Us Help With Your Brewing Skills

We offer training courses, covering all levels of experience, brew methods, and techniques. Contact us or learn more about our training services at home or in our location.

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