Fernwood was established in 2007 through a shared passion for connecting community, places and rituals through coffee. 

Our story starts with a 1936 German Barth coffee roaster –  which our co-founders spotted in their neighbourhood cafe. They soon took over the space, roasting beans out of that same roaster and serving coffee in the cafe next door – which quickly became a meeting place, routine morning stop or weekend ritual for the community. 

A lot has happened since then. We purchased a more modern roaster, visited the farms and met the farmers where we source our coffees, judged international barista competitions, trained world class baristas and won a few awards along the way. Our beans have made their way onto grocery store shelves and into people’s homes all over. While our roots remain in our Vancouver Island neighbourhood, we’re proud to be able to share our coffee and inspire morning rituals no matter where you call home.


We are a group of obsessive roasters and competitive baristas, constantly experimenting and pushing ourselves. Over the years, we’ve researched extensively to roast, brew and take every step necessary to ensure each sip is perfect. We make distinctive coffee that reflects our devotion to the quality, community and culture in our Vancouver Island neighbourhood of Fernwood –  where it all started.