The very best of 2023.

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The time has come. We're in the holi-days between Christmas and New Year's where it feels like we should all still be on vacation but also, did I tie up all the loose ends I needed to? Will I finish that book I wanted to get to? Do I have room for another sugar cookie with my morning coffee? Yes, the answer is always yes. It's also the time to reflect. We're pretty chuffed about the year that's about to close and want to share a few highlights from behind the scenes before we dive deep into the next one.

New Roastery, New Roaster
Fernwood Coffee Company

Our larger space called for a new roaster 👆🏼. It's allowed us to refine our coffees with even more precision. The best part - it uses 80% less fuel than our previous roaster.


Fernwood Coffee
We rebranded our Grocery Bags with the help from design agency, Glasford and Walker. Sprudge, the world's most popular coffee publication (no joke), featured our new bag design on their site. You can read all about the inspiration behind our rebrand here. 

Community Support

Fernwood Forest Blend Coffee
When you drink and share our coffee, you contribute to something bigger than us and we can't thank you enough. We celebrated 17 years in business in November and want to highlight the organizations we are proud to partner with:


Nice Life Cold Brew Martini
Nice Life: Say goodbye to your usual espresso martinis and step into the future with Nice Life's revamped Cold Brewed Coffee Martini Cocktail. They've reimagined this timeless cocktail with our Guatemalan and Peruvian cold brew, ensuring it's the perfect pick-me-up for coffee aficionados and cocktail connoisseurs alike.
San Poncho Raincoat
San Poncho: San Poncho offered our Forest Blend Coffee for just $10 with any purchase of their Legacy Poncho. As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we were thrilled with this collaboration. 

Instant Coffee Took Off!

Fernwood Instant Coffee
We launched our Instant Coffee last year and this year it took off (literally), taking on a life of its own out there with travellers. We loved seeing people tag us on their plane trips, hiking and camping excursions, fishing boats, and more this year. Thanks for bringing our coffee out there with you! Photo from one of our subscribers, @dashwooddesign

Coffee-tasting trip to Japan

Ogawa Coffee
 We took a trip to Japan this year and had the pleasure of visiting Ogawa Coffee Lab👆🏼 and Saza Coffee 👇🏼.
Saza Coffee
And Hillbily Coffee in Magome, too 👇🏼
Hillbilly coffee Magome
We also got to visit our friends at Olympia Coffee for a knowledge-sharing trip.
Olympia Coffee

Cheers to another year of sharing our favourite ritual with you. 
- The Fernwood Coffee Team

Fernwood Coffee Mugs

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