One of Brazil’s finest — Meet coffee farmer Caio Pereira

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Our team visited the Brazilian coffee farmer, Caio Pereira, at Fazenda Serrado. In the video below, they chat about his farm and the processes behind the coffee he produces. 

Brazil Coffee Farmer Fernwood Coffee

Ed, our roastery manager, has been travelling to Brazil since 2018. That was when he met Caio and they became close friends. Ed and other members of our team continue going back to visit Caio at his farm to select the lots of coffee we want for the coming year.

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Our Coffees from Brazil

  • We sell this coffee as a single origin whole bean that is excellent as espresso and brewed through a paper filter.
  • It is the backbone ingredient in our 1936 Espresso and provides a super balanced base to build our flavour profiles on. The current version of the 1936 Espresso Blend is 70% Brazil (from Caio) and 30% Natural Ethiopia Halo Hartume. 
  • Because of its consistent quality and amazing balanced profile we use it as our main single origin instant coffee. It is the best cup of instant we've ever had.

Coffee Farmer Brazil Fernwood Coffee Company

Caio has become part of the Fernwood family and is often wearing his Fernwood shirt or hat while making the rounds of the farm on horseback. His wonderful coffee has worked its way into many of our offerings.
Brazil coffee farm Fazenda Serrado fernwood coffee company

Below is a video of Caio talking about his family farm and what sustainability is to them. Learn about how they get their water and electricity, and see their process of harvesting to roasting, and tasting the coffee. He also explains why they plant new varietals over the years. 

If you've ever wondered where our coffee comes from, this is for you. 

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coffee farm in brazil fernwood coffee

Coffee Farm in Brazil

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