Parsonage Cafe

The Parsonage Cafe serves coffee prepared by our world ­class bar staff who help establish, maintain, and constantly push the standards of our award winning coffee and cutting edge coffee bar. Whether espresso or single cup filter coffee, we meticulously prepare our coffee using a variety of craft and batch brew methods.

We bring that same level of passion and refinement to our food menu. Designed around seasonal availability and inspired by classic lunch counter fare, we work with local suppliers including the Four Quarters Meats, Slater’s First Class Meats, Madrona Farms, Kildara Farms, Farmer Ben’s Eggs, Sannich Organics, and Finest at Sea Seafood to develop our menu. We source ingredients locally and prepare everything we can in house. With menu offerings ranging from the simple (toast with house made preserves) to the meticulously crafted (seasonally inspired sandwiches featuring local charcuterie and house made garnishes), our menu is fine tuned, classic, and familiar.

  • Coffee2.25
  • Espresso2.75
  • Americano2.75
  • Macchiato3.00
  • Cappuccino3.75
  • Latte4.00
  • Mocha4.25
  • Flat White3.75
  • Africano3.25
  • London Fog3.50
  • Chai Latte3.50
  • Hot Chocolate3.50
  • Tea2.25

    Ask our bar staff about craft brew methods from our brew bar.


    Semi Sweet

    • Buttermilk Scone sharp cheddar,dill3.00
    • Muffin blueberry buttermilk & orange date2.75
    • House made Granola yogurt, fresh+fruit7.00
    • Toast house made preserves3.00
    • Toasted Bagelcreamed spinach2.75
    • Sticky Bungrilled4.25


    • Cookiechocolate chip & flourless PBJ2.00
    • Browniecallebaut chocolate3.00
    • Lemon Barcoconut, walnut3.00
    • Pastries daily3.00


    • Mac & Cheesebuttered bread crumbs7.00
    • Quichedaily7.00
    • Spice Jammer Samosavegetarian, apple chutney2.75
    • Saladsseasonal, farm inspired4.25
    • Soupsseasonal, farm inspired4.25


    • Toasted BLTSlater's bacon, local greens, tomato, toast8.50
    • Breakfast Bagelfree range egg, cheddar, sesame bagel, Slater's bacon OR cream spinach OR tomato6.00
    • Ham & Cheese Croissant Four Quarters Meats smoked ham, local greens, sharp cheddar8.50
    • Lox BagelFAS smoked coho, red onion, capers, cream cheese, local greens9.00
    • Grilled Cheesesharp cheddar7.00
    • Reuben Four Quarters Meats smoked brisket, sauerkraut, swiss, dijon, grilled9.00
    • Vegetarianlocal greens, cucumber, carrot, hummus, House made chutney, yogurt8.00