Instant Coffee: Breaking the Stereotype

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If you're a coffee lover, you've probably heard that instant coffee is not the most flavourful option. And that's true. Here's why:

The majority of instant coffee brands use low-quality coffee blends, roast them until they are dark and bland, and then brew the coffee with aggressive extraction machines that use incredibly hot temperatures and high pressures to extract every last bit of coffee from the ground beans. This results in a bitter, over-extracted concentrate that is then boiled down into a paste, frozen, ground into pellets, and eventually turned into an instant coffee that is often mixed with chemicals and fillers.

We're better than that. You're better than that.

We have partnered with a small Canadian company called Hasty and they take a completely different approach to producing a quality cup of instant coffee.  We send them high-quality single-origin coffee beans sourced from ethical farmers and peak growing regions. Instead of using aggressive extraction methods, they  gently grind and brew the coffee, extracting only the best parts of the bean. The coffee is then slowly freeze-dried to sublimate the water from the coffee without exposing it to high heat, resulting in a powder that maintains its original flavour.

The only ingredients used in their process are coffee and water – no chemicals or fillers.

We take our outdoor luxuries pretty seriously at Fernwood Coffee Company and our crew that field tested it in the wild were blown away. It far exceeded our hopes in the initial taste tests and has become a mainstay for boaters, hikers, kayakers and everyday urban adventurers. It is the only instant coffee good enough for the renowned Nimmo Bay Lodge to serve to their guests on daily heli-fishing trips.

better instant coffee made in canada

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