Decaf Instant Coffee

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The perfect marriage of convenience and quality.

Available in single boxes of 4 serves, 6 boxes of 24 serves or bulk boxes of 48 serves

Not the instant coffee of your youth. 

Our friends at Hasty Coffee carefully brew and process our instant coffee in small batches. 

The process leaves you with pure crystallized coffee solids. Our second run at instant coffee, and we chose a Peruvian coffee that has been through the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate it. 

Now you can enjoy Fernwood Coffee anywhere that you can access hot water. Perfect for camping, boating, travelling... really anywhere where convenience is required. Simply pour and stir. One pouch makes one large cup of coffee.


Learn more about how ours is different on our blog.

Brew Guide

Our head roasters have always vouched to brew what tastes good to you. We use these guides as a starting point and a general process through each method to brew the best coffee.

Instant Coffee

Mix with 8-10 oz hot or cold water (or milk) and enjoy.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Vancouver, CA)
Best ever.

I love Fernwood coffee! The sachets of instant are as good as fresh brew IMHO.

Customer (Victoria, CA)
Amazing decaf

Finding GOOD decaf instant coffee, let alone in packets, is like finding a needle in a haystack (or roasting vat?) and these do not disappoint. So convenient with great flavour, will definitely be ordering again.

Worth A Try