Instant Coffee

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The perfect marriage of convenience and quality.


Available in single boxes of 4 serves, 6 boxes of 24 serves or bulk boxes of 48 serves

Our friends at Hasty Coffee carefully brew and process our instant coffee in small batches. The process leaves you with pure crystallized coffee solids. For our first offering we chose to use a Brazilian coffee from our friend Caio Pereira and the end result far exceeded our expectations. (In our blind taste tests people had no idea they were drinking instant coffee.)

Now you can enjoy Fernwood Coffee anywhere that you can access hot water. Perfect for camping, boating, travelling... really anywhere where convenience is required. Simply pour and stir. One pouch makes one large cup of coffee.

Learn more about how ours is different on our blog.

Brew Guide

Our head roasters have always vouched to brew what tastes good to you. We use these guides as a starting point and a general process through each method to brew the best coffee.

Instant Coffee

Mix with 8-10 oz hot or cold water (or milk) and enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maxwell B. (Lethbridge, CA)
Instant coffee?!

This isint gramps instant coffee from the 70’s
I would never have guessed instant coffee would taste this good
Tastes even better than the competition
Thanks Fernwood!

Jeff M. (Victoria, CA)
Nice but pricey!

I broke down and bought a 4 pack for $14 - 3.50 each. I figured if it knocks my socks off I can live with this, and maybe just do the odd bank heist to pay for it. Definitely very tasty and marginally preferable to other premium instants but not for price.

Carly (Victoria, CA)
Traveling coffee

My friend and I took the 24pk on a week long vacation and LOVED having reliably good coffee in our back pocket. It can be a crap-shoot ordering from cafes and in airports, and this way we were always satisfied. Highly recommend stocking your carry-on!

Adrien S. (Victoria, CA)
Nostalgia and Flavour

The only other instant coffee I've enjoyed has been while camping in Central America for months on end. I tried it at home, but something about not being on a beach took the lustre away—until I tried this!

Not only is this convenient and nostalgic in that it feels like I'm camping again, but it actually tastes amazing. Seriously. I brew Fernwood beans at home all the time and this stuff is indistinguishable. A great option for travel, road trips or pop-ins from unexpected guests (hi dad).

Highly recommend!

Vanessa C. (Victoria, CA)
Perfect for camping

We got these to take camping since we don't have any fancy camping coffee equipment and they HIT THE SPOT. Waking up to have coffee outside is one of the best parts about camping so we're glad it can still taste great too :).

Worth A Try