West Coast Trail Blend
West Coast Trail Blend
West Coast Trail Blend
West Coast Trail Blend
West Coast Trail Blend
West Coast Trail Blend
West Coast Trail Blend

West Coast Trail Blend

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Fairtrade organic coffee

Grind Whole Bean
Size 454g

454 grams

Cup Profile:
Roasted walnut, rich body, bittersweet chocolate

Peru and Guatemala 


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Georgena H. (Vancouver, CA)
Best I’ve tasted!

West Coast Trail blend has been the best at home coffee I’ve tasted.

Eric A. (Aldergrove, CA)
One of my favourite

Occasionally I run out of Fernwood coffee and have bought other stuff. Quickly realized why I need to order sooner. I alternately brew between their 3 dark roasts.

Wayne L. (Vancouver, CA)
super good

It came fast and the bag was resealable the beans had the right taste.

CBL (Victoria, CA)
West Coast Trail Blend

Love the taste of this coffee! It is a dark roast that is not to strong with a nice smooth taste.

AM (Winnipeg, CA)

The “West Coast Trail” coffee doesn’t taste as dark as I expected it would. To me, it only tastes a bit darker than the Fernwood “Medium” coffee (which I found to be a bit boring actually), but not as dark as a Starbucks “Medium” such as “Pike Place”, for example. It tastes complex — like a coffee I’d get in a good restaurant. I live in Manitoba, so I’ll continue to buy “West Coast Trail” coffee for delivery by mail; I’m thrilled that’s an option for me. Thank you Fernwood!

Brew Guide

Our head roasters have always vouched to brew what tastes good to you. We use these guides as a starting point and a general process through each method to brew the best coffee.


  • Preheat your brewing vessel
  • Weigh your ingredients
  • Make sure your brewing vessel is clean
  • Use water that is almost but not quite boiling
  • Make sure to wet all the grounds evenly
  • Rinse any paper filters with hot water before use
  • Be sure to grind the coffee to the correct coarseness for the brewer you are using
  • Fresh coffee will "bloom" which is CO2 being released as hot water hits the coffee
  • To adjust strength change the grind, not the ratio of coffee to water. For stronger tasting coffee grind finer for less intense flavor coarsen your grind.
Conical Pour Over

  1. Wet filter with boiling water and discard water
  2. Put in 20 grams of medium ground coffee
  3. Pour in 100 grams of water & allow coffee to bloom
  4. Pour in remaining 240 grams of water little by little & use the stream of the water to push any grounds off the sides of the filter
  5. When all water is in stir once in a circular motion
  6. Let drip till done
French Press

  1. Put in 55 grams of coarse ground coffee
  2. Pour in 935 grams of water just off the boil
  3. Stir
  4. Fit top on to retain heat and wait 4 minutes
  5. Plunge
  6. Decant to another vessel

  1. Place the top portion of the brewer upside down on table
  2. Fit the bottom section over the rubber basket (At this point the numbers should be upside down on both parts of the brewer.)
  3. Put in 15 grams of medium ground coffee
  4. Pour in hot water to top (around 250 grams)
  5. Stir and make sure there are no dry grounds hiding at the bottom
  6. Let sit for 45 seconds
  7. Affix the filter cap with a wetted paper filter into the fitting (this should be at the top at this point) and depress a tiny bit so the slurry is close to the filter.
  8. Carefully invert the entire brewer onto your heated mug and press to the bottom.

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