Rob Kettner

We did it. After months of training, tasting, rehearsing, arguing and being over caffeinated Rob and the rest of our team put it all together on the two days that counted. It was an emotional roller coaster that started with a westjet employee informing us that the  "big wooden crate," (which contained our glasswear,) had been damaged before we even boarded the plane. It ended with Rob hoisting the huge Reg Barber made trophy over his head. In between there were ups and downs. Rob going over time by 51 seconds on day 1 was a low, Ben getting into the finals of the Canadian Cuptasters Championship was a high. The announcement that the time penalty had not kept  us out of the finals was a huge high. Day two was more of the same, Rob finished his routine with time to spare and rejoiced, only to get some tragic personal news which made the whole thing seem bitter sweet. But in the end the scores were announced we came out on top. What a ride.

A huge thank you goes out to all the people who helped along the way, (you all know who you are and have likely already been thanked in person or on twitter.) And another huge thank you to the judges, volunteers and competitors who made it such a fun and exciting weekend.