Select Single Origins

Most coffee-producing countries have only one specific harvest season per year. It’s our mission to introduce our friends and customers to the freshest coffees possible.

Coffee is an agricultural product and each origin usually only has one harvest per year. We launched the Seasonal Offerings in order to highlight our favorite coffees at their peak of quality. The unique and amazing flavors change from origin to origin so we carefully profile roast every coffee to highlight its strengths. Like fine wine, coffee from one region can change from year to year so we constantly taste new coffees to showcase.

We are pleased to bring you a list of offerings that will be ever evolving and expanding.

Indonesia - Gayo MTN, Sumatra - fairtrade / organic

Heavy body filled with sweet notes of raisins and yams. Subtle hints of black pepper with a smokey dark chocolate finish.

Indonesia, Mandheling Old School, Grade 1 - fairtrade / organic

Cedar aromas and a classic wet-earthy character mellow into a raisin fruitiness and a semi sweet caramel finish.

Ethiopia - Sidama Union - fairtrade / organic

This classic Ethiopian profile emits strawberry fragrances and segues deliciously into flavours of Blueberries and Rainier Cherries, finishing with a heavy buttery body.

Costa Rica - Finca Helsar Villalobos

Subtle fragrances of cocoa butter are united with bitter sweet Ambrosia red apple and luscious maple toffee.

Nicaragua - Limoncillo Estate

Intensely aromatic, with cherry and brandy notes on both the nose and in the cup. Hints of papaya and mango finish this full bodied coffee.

Brazil - Poco Fundo
fairtrade / organic

Rose pedal aromas combine with rustic ruby grapefruit flavours and hazelnut notes in this heavy bodied cup. This natural dry processed coffee was the dominant ingredient in the espresso blend that helped take us to the Canadian Barista Championship final.