A couple of things…

First off, our tasting next Thursday (Aug 19) will be cancelled due to some staff vacations. If you haven’t been to one of our Thursday afternoon tastings yet you have to come down and give it a go. We have drawn some interesting groups of people with a good range of coffee knowledge from newb to pro so far. We will be back on on the 26th. It is a safe bet that most of the tastings between now and the end of September will have something to do with the National Barista Championships as we prepare.

The other things I wanted to mention are our new single origins. We have 2 sacks from a 20 sack lot of Perla Negra natural process Costa Rican. The ripe cherries are tested with a Brix (sp?) refractometer and the sweetest ones are held for this micro lot. The other coffee of note that we just got in is a beautiful bright washed Sidamo from Moredocofe. Great as s.o. espresso. We are just tweaking the roast profiles so the next roast should be available on line.

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