Canadian Barista Championship

We received word today that Rob has been given a spot amongst 16 of the countries greatest baristas in the championships. The event will be in Vancouver on October 14 and 15. Stay tuned for more info on the event and some training updates. A big thank you goes out to all who have helped get us this far, (you know who you are.)

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Signature Espresso Drink From Regionals

Signature drink pour

Here is Rob pouring four signature drinks. Our sig drink consisted of espresso, vanilla bean gelato, raw cocoa nibs and lavender. These components were brought to a boil, steeped and then strained over ice to chill. The crema from the shots was skimmed off before the above ingredients were mixed and added to a maple butter infused whip cream. The chilled espresso mixture was then topped with the maple crema whip cream.

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Results are in.

Rob brought home a shiny red tamper from Reg Barber and a 4th place in the Western Region Barista Championship. In his first competition Rob held his own and beat out many seasoned competitors for a place in the finals where he finished 29 points (on a scale of 800,) behind the first place competitor. His score is currently the fifth highest in the country with one region left to compete. On September 13th his name will be in the wild card draw for a 1 in 2 shot at a seat in the nationals.

We would like to thank and congratulate Reg Barber of Reg Barber Tampers and Sam Jones from 2% Jazz  for putting on a first class event.

See you at the nationals.

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